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Real or fake? You be the judge.

So EllaFunks and i are discussing the Xbox One vs PS4 scene in BBT and how it pretty much sums up our relationship. We're kind of strange. But it gets me down the youtube hole and i find this lovely gem.

So i am convinced this is fake because at this point until i hear otherwise i assume most things i see on the internet are fake. I've seen World Of Warcraft ventrillo freakout type videos before. But this one seemed to perfectly setup. The way the kid is acting and his reactions just scream "I'M TRYING WAY TO HARD". Also either his mom has the patience of a saint or there is no father in that house because this kid gets LOUD! I know if that had been my house when i was younger my old man would have been upstairs in a millisecond.


\ Now on the other hand, Ella thinks it could be legit. She has a degree in child development and has worked with kids her whole life. Now she's worked with 2-4 year olds so it's not the same as this dude. But she did point out i am an only child so i don't know the experience of a multi-child household dynamic. And it was his brother who setup the camera. So I thought for the fun of it i would get the Hivemind's thoughts. Real ore faker faker?

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