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The Daphne Arc- some thoughts on bad Fairy Tail filler.

A little bit ago i finished up the Daphne arc on Fairy Tail. I knew it was filler right from the get go and so i tried to cut it some slack because of that. But wow, this was bad guys. I mean real bad. And i'm sure most of you who watch this show was way past this part but i still want to see if i'm the only one who feels that the characters were written horribly, well at least one was. Also, why is Gray still in the guild? I know, filler, but if there was any logical consistency to this universe he would have been kicked out faster than Laxus was. Gray essentially betrayed the guild and almost got the entire town destroyed over basically nothing. If you've seen it you know what i mean. I get that Natsu screwed up by forgetting the promise he made to the people of that town. But what gave Gray the right to follow him like some kind of spy? Furthermore, if he had issues with Natsu's work he should have taken them to Makarov and let him handle it. Everything that went down in this story can be traced by to Gray being a jackass who thought he knew best and stabbed his guildmates in the back just to prove a point. But hey, we're back on manga story now which means this will never come up ever again.


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