I never thought much of this lump on stomach that formed what i can only describe as a curved hillish shape on my stomach when i lie down. I've had it for years and it never caused pain or discomfort so i ignored it and focused on more important issues. I had to go into the clinic today as i got really sick last night. I discovered i had strep throat. But just on a whim i asked about it. The doctor said it was a hernia. It could explain a lot of the issues i've been having over the last several years. And i may need surgery to have it removed. Aside from all the issues that come with someone literally cutting you open and putting thier hands inside your body, i will once again be on the hook for a shit-ton of money. I suppose i should do it though. I tend to be very short sighted on these things. Heck, if my new job didn't require it i wouldn't have taken a retirement plan and had $200 more dollars in my paycheck. But my 65 year old self will thank me for that and perhaps if this is causeing some of the....intimate issues i've been having my future children will thank me as well.