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Update on my friend's situation

A couple of days ago i posted a request for prayers. My fiance's friend's BF had collapsed @ IHOP.


He never made it to the hospital. They called it in the ambulance. He was out eating with a friend and Ella's friend was across the street coming to pick him up and he said he felt light headed and collapsed at the register. It all happened so suddenly. I was going to check out a new game store after work and instead i went straight to the hospital to see Ella. She stayed the night with her friend. We spent the whole day together yesterday; walked the mall, ate sushi and saw Captain America 2 (i'll post some spoilerific thoughts on that later.). All i can do is be there for her as she does her best to support her friend. It all happened so suddenly. By all accounts he was making good progress with his dialysis, and his BP had come down so they lowered the dosage on one of his pills. He was going to propose to her when they went to see her family next week also. It's made me realize that i need to get serious about losing weight because i don't want EllaFunks to go through the pain her friend is. She hasn't had a lot of deaths to deal with and is still a bit in shock. I was glad i could be there for her yesterday. I just wanted to give an update and thank everyone who prayed and gave thier thoughts the other day. It's very appreciated.

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